Arena Tracker is prepared to be used with the program of streaming OBS. To add the windows in your scene first you must set the transparency configuration as Framed then restart Arena Tracker.

Now you can add the sources, Arena Tracker which add the main window.

Twitch Chat Votes

AT comes with twitch integration, which allow your viewers to vote cards/heroes during the draft. You will see which card the viewers are voting through a new element located in between the LF and the HA tier score.

How do you vote as a viewer? By typing !pick1, !pick2 or !pick3 on chat.

The integration with twitch is configured through a 3-step process that start with the configure button at the bottom of the config tab:

Then you will see a message with some instructions about the process, press Get OAuth:

Step 1: A new webpage will open in your default browser. Login with your twitch account:

Copy the code shown:

Paste it on the floating message on AT and click Ok:

Step 2: Type your twitch username in the next floating message on AT and click Ok:

Step 3: Type the tag your chat will use to vote cards and click Ok. The default one is !pick, this means chat will type !pick1, !pick2 or !pick3 to vote for cards 1, 2 or 3.

Once you are done you will see this at the end of the config tab.

AT is testing the connection to twitch. In a matter of seconds the greyed out sign will turn green if the connection to twitch is succesful:

Or red if AT cannot connect to twitch:

You are ready. In your next draft you will see the votes of chat as a new score. AT will type in chat everytime there's a new set of cards a message like this:

[1/30] -- (!pick1) Goldshire Footman / (!pick2) Wisp / (!pick3) Young Dragonhawk

This way the viewers know when they can start voting avoiding twitch natural delay.

Once configured you can check/uncheck Chat votes to show/hide voting on AT. The conection to twitch will still be done and AT will still be counting votes but it won't show the voting count or announce in chat new set of cards to vote.

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