Games Tab

Games tab shows all games played during this session separated in groups: Arena (date), Ranked, Brawl, Solo and Friend.

This is an example of games tab after playing 4 solo games and 1 ranked:

Arena Stats

Your arena stats will be stored locally in "AT dir/Arena Stats" divided in 2-month periods, so they will be always shown no matter if they are from a previous session.

They use the same timing as leaderboards. This combo box won't appear if you have only played arenas in the current 2-month period.

If you finish a game on Hearthstone while showing a previous 2-month period, AT will automatically swap to the current period so the game is inserted in the correct place.

Patreon users will see the deck average score for each of your arenas. After every arena match, AT will also show the deck average score of your opponent, taken from their played cards.

Edit your arenas

You can add, remove or edit any field on your arenas in case you played any game/arena without AT opened.

To edit any of the 4 fields of an arena just double-click on it:

While editing, you can use tab/shift-tab to move through the fields/arenas and mass editting more quickly.

While editing, tab/shift-tab/enter will save your changes, escape will cancel them.

Once you select an arena, 2 new options will appear at the top:

(Only Patreon) Will change the region/account of that arena. Specifying this, will let AT calculate your leaderboard average per region, keep reading to learn more about this.

Keep in mind AT doesn't know in which region you are playing. You need to track the region color of your runs manually. Any new arena created will follow the same region of the last one.

The color of the arena row indicates the region that arena belongs to. If an arena is incomplete, win and lost fields will be gray, no matter the arena region.

To clear the selection, move the mouse to the left or right, outside of the games tab window.

Advanced Arena Stats - Only Patreon

Online Leaderboard

In Hearthstone arena there's a leaderboard maintained by Blizzard, showing the best arena players per region. To participate, you need to complete at least 30 runs in a 2-month period. If you play more than 30, older runs will decrease in importance to calculate your average.

On every start AT will slowly download all the pages of the 3 regions of the leaderboard in the background. This will be a long process, between 10 and 60 minutes depending on how far in the season we are.

If AT is closed before it ends, it will continue were it left off on the next start. All the leaderboard data will be stored on your disk (AT dir/Extra/leaderboard.json).

On every start AT will read leaderboard.json and use it as initial data while again downloading all the pages and updating its data.

If you don't want to download any leaderboard data and avoid any leaderboard info shown on AT, there's a checkbox (Download Leaderboard) in config tab -> Games, that you can uncheck.

When openning Advanced Arena Stats, AT will show your ranking in each region as shown on the official leaderboard:

  1. LEADERB.: Your name as shown in game.

  2. AVG: Your average rating.

  3. #: Your position in the table.

  4. PAGE: This is your page. The data in the leaderboard is organized in pages of 25 players.

  5. REG: The region this data belongs to.

AT will show this data from the json stored on disk and inmidiately download the pages around to make sure it is still accurate. Until your row is found in the leaderboard you will see your name blinking between grey and white.

Once your position is confirmed, your name will be white.

If your name is not present in any region it means you haven't played 30 runs in this period. AT will show an empty row with your name.

You can check the data from any player by double clicking on your name, typing and press enter. Keep in mind names are case sensitive.

If you double click on any column but the first, AT will open the online leaderboard with the correct region and page so you can check the data in your browser.

Class winrates

The following stats are calculated from completed arenas (non-gray win/lost fields), an arena needs 3 losses or 12 wins to be considered complete.

For every class, AT will show:

  1. WINRATE: Winrate percentage.

  2. AVG: Win average per run.

  3. RUNS: Number of runs.

  4. WIN: Total wins.

  5. LOST: Total losses.

Region average and leaderboard

AT will track your arenas and show the stats on any of your regions:

  1. REGION: Each one is linked to a color, you can rename them by double-clicking.

  2. AVG: Win average of all your runs in this region. Every run is considered equal to calculate this average.

  3. LB: Win average of all your runs in this region following leaderboard weights, recent runs have more importance than older ones (rules). It will be the same score than the one shown in the leaderboard if all the runs tracked by AT are correct.

  4. RUNS: Number of runs in this region. You need 30 to hit the leaderboard.

Enemy Leaderboard Rank - Only Patreon

On every game start on any mode, your opponent' name will be looked up in the leaderboard and shown at the top of games tab.

AT will show this data from the json stored on disk and inmidiately download the pages around to make sure it is still accurate. Until the row is found in the leaderboard you will see the data in your theme's color.

Once the position is confirmed, the row will be white.

If your enemy is not found on the leaderboard AT will show the plate with just your opponent's name.

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