Download the lastest version from Arena-Tracker. Extract the executable inside the zip file and make double click on it.

Arena Tracker uses the data Hearthstone put in its logs to track the state of the game. That's why during the first run it will ask you for the path of these. If you installed Hearthstone in its default location you can skip steps 1 and 2.

The first time you run Arena Tracker you will be asked for:

1) Hearthstone dir location (If not default).

2) log.config location (If not default).


If the file doesn't exist, you have to create an empty log.config in that directory

3) Restart Hearthstone (if you have it opened).

If you have problems installing it or using it I'm happy to help you on reddit. You can also take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions

Arena Tracker dir

  • Account.track-o-bot: Your AT account.

  • ArenaTrackerLog.txt: AT log with debug info.

  • ArenaTrackerLog.old: AT log of your previous session.

  • ArenaTrackerDecks.json: Your decks stored in AT.

  • /Arena Stats: Your arena stats stored in AT.

  • /Extra: Dir with templates and json data used by AT.

  • /Games Drafts Logs: Replay logs of games and drafts to upload to external websites.

  • /Hearthstone Cards: HS card images.

  • /Histograms: Temp histograms files of image cards used for card detection during a draft.

  • /Themes: Info of standard and custom themes for AT.

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