User guide for Arena-Tracker

Arena Tracker reads the Hearthstone log to give your all the info you need. Arena Tracker was build from the ground for arena but it works in any mode.
In AT there are tooltips for every tab/button/checkbox, to see them just stop the mouse over it for 1 second.
By default AT uses 2 different windows which always stay on top of other windows.
  • Main Window: This window is arranged into tabs with the following features:
  • Games Tab: Shows all games played during this session.
  • Enemy Hand Tab: Shows information about cards currently held by your opponent and possible secrets currently in play. The possible secrets in play are automatically updated after you test for a secret.
  • Enemy Deck Tab: Shows all the cards previously played by your opponent.
  • Graveyard Tab (Patreon Only): Shows the cards that died on each side of the board.
  • Replay Tab (Patreon Only): Shows a turn by turn replay of your current/last game. You can also use it to plan your turn before you make your play.
  • Config Tab: Shows options to customize Arena Tracker.
  • Drafting Tab: Shows Hearth Arena and Light Forge advice during the draft. This tab is shown only while drafting a new arena deck.

Multiple windows

You can organize AT through different windows creating your own setup. New windows are created by dragging out tabs from the main window, with the exception of config tab which will always be part of the main window.

In-game Schemes

There are two different schemes I use to play with Arena Tracker:
  • Standard scheme:
Keep the Player Deck Window at the right and the Main Window with Enemy Hand Tab selected at the left. With this scheme you can have quick access to your deck, your opponent's hand and secrets.
  • Pro scheme (Patreon only):
This scheme needs the premium version of AT unlocked.
Keep the Player Deck Window at the right and the Main Window with Replay Tab selected at the left. With this scheme you can use the planning feature of the Replay Tab while playing and see your opponent's hand.

Download for

Patrons (3$+) will be able to unlock the premium version from the app which implements some extra features: (replays, planning, synergies and draft mechanics overview). Don't let AT die.
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This User Guide was initially made by Berserker-42 and triodo.
If you want to translate the guide into a different language let us know. For now this guide is available in english and spanish (outdated).
Last modified 6mo ago