Config Tab

Shows options to customize Arena Tracker. Keep in mind some of the options presented here can be missing for you if you are using the free version of AT.

Force Draft / User Guide

You don't need to Force Draft anymore. Arena Tracker will enter automatically into drafting mode when you select your hero or enter the arena in mid-draft.

UI (User Interface)

  • Transparency: Sets when the background of the main window will be transparent.

    • Transparent: Always transparent for all tabs.

    • Auto: During a game, Enemy Hand tab and Enemy Deck tab, will be transparent.

    • Opaque: Never transparent for all tabs.

    • Framed: Show window frames which make stream with OBS easier. Changing to/from Framed need a restart to fully take effective.

The main window will always be opaque when the mouse is over it.

  • Theme: You can choose the theme for Arena Tracker. If you feel creative you can create your own theme and share it with the community.


  • Download Leaderboard: Let AT background download the online arena leaderboard and use it to show your rank in Games Tab -> Advanced Arena Tools. It will also use the data to show your enemy's rank in a game at the top of Games Tab.


  • Card: The slider determines the size, height in pixels, of the miniature card on all tabs.

  • Tooltip: When you hover the mouse over a miniature card, Arena Tracker will show a tooltip with the whole card. The normal size of this card is 200x300. If you want it bigger you can scale it with this slider; 1x will let it as it is, 1.5x will make it 1.5 times bigger, setting it to OFF (min value) will disable these tooltips.

  • Class Color: The miniature card background will change its color to easily identify hero class cards. More about class colors...

  • Spell Color: The miniature card text will change its color to easily identify spells and weapons. More about spell/weapon colors...

  • Mana Limits: Shows marks (little green lines) of separation in the Player Deck window in order to organize the cards by mana cost.


  • Draw: Determines how many seconds your draw cards will be shown at the bottom of the enemy hand tab. Setting it to No (min value) will avoid showing them. Setting it to Turn (max value) will show them until the end of your turn.

  • Popular: Determines how many cards will be shown in the popular list. This list show which are the most probable cards your enemy will play during his next turn. This list will only be shown during arena.

  • Total Attack: Shows your and your enemy's total attack; counting the minions and hero attack.

  • RNG List: Shows the RNG list when an RNG card is drawn.

  • Secrets: Shows secret options when your enemy plays a new secret.

  • Wild Secrets: If you play ranked wild mode, check this, so all secrets (not only standard ones) are considered by AT.


  • Assistant

    Select the cards rater when you are drafting a new arena's deck:

  • Show My WR: Shows your personal class winrates during the arena hero selection screen, along with HSReplay class winrates.

  • Mechanics Overlay: Shows the mechanics overlay above Hearthstone cards while drafting an arena deck. This overlay includes deck mechanics, deck score average and deck weight.

  • Show Drops: Show 2-drops, 3-drops and 4-drops in the mechanics overlay instead of the mechanics (reach, taunt and survival).

  • Scores Overlay: Shows card rates and synergies below Hearthstone cards while drafting an arena deck.

  • Hide Scores: Hides card rates under a ? symbol while drafting. Hover your mouse over it to reveal the score. This might improve your drafting skills avoiding autopicks.

Mechanic icons

Track and show the specified mechanic icons during a draft.


  • Chat votes: Activates chat votes through twitch. More info...

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