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Write a post on /r/arenatracker explaining your problem. Attach some screenshots and the files ArenaTrackerLog.old and ArenaTrackerLog.txt (located in AT dir) to know exactly what is going on. Or send them to me (arenatracker@gmail.com).

I setup the app but it doesn't work/ it didn't upload my arena game/ it didn't start drafting

This usually means the configuration to detect Hearthstone didn't go well and AT it's not reading Hearthstone log correctly.

This configuration is usually done automatically if you have Hearthstone installed in its default dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone); if not, you will have to manually find Hearthtone dir.

You can force AT to reconfigure itself pressing (Ctrl-R) and on the next start it will ask you to find Hearthstone dir. You can follow the instructions on the Installation section of this user guide to know which the default dirs are for every OS:


If after reseting AT, it doesn't ask you to manually look for Hearthstone dir, it means AT has found an installation of HS in its default path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone). If your HS is not installed there, then you have some leftover of a previous HS installation you need to remove. Send (C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone) to the trash bin and reset AT again (Ctrl-R).

To check if everything is configured correctly you can play a game in any mode and check if the deck tab is showing the state of your current deck.

Other things you should try:

  • Did you forget to restart Hearthstone after the initial config of Arena Tracker?

  • If you use other trackers they can conflict configuring log.config (Reset the app (ctrl+r) and log.config will be recreated).

  • (Only Linux) Arena Tracker is supposed to be run as a normal user (not root). If you run it as sudo you should remove ~/.config/Arena Tracker/Arena Tracker.conf if it belongs to root, and start Arena Tracker again and set the paths so the config file is recreated with your user as owner.

Activate HS logs manually

If nothing said in the previous point helped let's manually activate HS logs.

Let's create log.config file with the correct info. Its default location is:

  • Default (Win 7-10/WINE): USER\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone\log.config

  • Default (Win XP/WINE): USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard\Hearthstone\log.config

  • Default (Mac): ~/Library/Preferences/Blizzard/Hearthstone/log.config

Copy this into log.config and save it.






Start/Restart Hearthstone.

Check Logs dir. Its default location is:

  • Default (Win/WINE): C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone\Logs

  • Default (Mac): /Applications/Hearthstone/Logs

Once HS started you should see one new dir per session created inside Logs dir. Each of one containing several *.log files, such as Asset.log or LoadingScreen.log

If this works, now AT should be able to read the logs from HS; if not, there is something wrong with your HS installation that doesn't allow the creation of logs.

Drafting doesn't read the next card

  • Once you start an arena draft you cannot move hearthstone window until the end of the draft.

  • After picking a card move the mouse to the zone below or above the card so the next one can be read.

  • The configuration to detect Hearthstone didn't go well and AT it's not reading Hearthstone log correctly. Check the faq question above this one to reconfigure AT.

Does it work with Hearthstone in full screen?

  • (Windows) Actually does. It's because Hearthstone fullscreen is just a borderless window.

  • (Linux) In Linux Mint I start Hearthstone in windows mode and when it's loaded I use ctrl-enter to enter fullscreen, this way Arena Tracker keep on top of Hearthstone while Hearthstone is in full screen.

  • (Mac) You need to play with Hearthstone in windows mode.

On Window: Everything works except starting a draft and show the scores. Draft tab shows 3 unknown cards.

  • AT is not able to see your screen. Do you have any other tool that is blocking AT from scanning your screen?

On Mac: Everything works except starting a draft and show the scores.

  • Allow ArenaTracker.app to use Screen Recording under System Preference -> Privacy -> Screen recording. https://www.reddit.com/r/ArenaTracker/comments/l337zw/card_unknown_in_arena_drafthandler_hearthstone/

  • If it's already there and you changed AT version: Remove the ArenaTracker entry from screen recording menu altogether, it maybe granting access to a different version of AT. Then have the new version re-add that entry.

  • In the past people have had problems in Mac when having an external monitor connected. They often fix the problem by disconnecting it.

On Linux: HS dont accept mouse clicks.

  • Try Windowed (virtual desktop) option and it will work perfectly. You can do it easily with lutris.

On Linux: When I try to run the binary nothing happens.

  • Try running it from the terminal to check any missing library, or just get the appimage version to avoid missing library problems.

  • If you get libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory,check this.

How can I import a deck from hearthstone to Arena Tracker?

  • There are 2 ways:

    1. ​The lazy way. Arena Tracker automatically fills your deck while you play, so just start playing, after you finish your first game you can update the number in every card to help building the deck. Remember to save the deck in AT decks before leaving, this way you will have it for next time.

    2. ​With Hearthstone deck code. After copying the deck on Hearthstone go to New deck --> New from clipboard (At the bottom of the deck window). Then the deck will be copied to the current arena tracker deck.

What does it mean when text cards are shown in yellow/orange/purple?

  • Minions are shown in white.

  • Spells are shown in yellow.

  • Weapons are shown in orange.

  • Cards that are temporarily part of the deck are shown in purple.

What does it mean when cards have a colored background?

  • It means they are class cards.

How do I reset the app so I can set the config info again? Or move the app to its initial position and size

  • With the app selected press ctrl+r

How do I recreate the shortcut on Linux?

  • With the app selected press ctrl+s

How can I back-up my data?

  • Your stats are kept online in Track-o-bot website. The only data kept locally is:

    • Your constructed deck collection, stored in USER/Arena Tracker/ArenaTrackerDecks.json

    • Your track-o-bot credentials, stored in USER/Arena Tracker/Account.track-o-bot

How do I uninstall AT?

AT is an app that doesn't install on your system, so you really don't need to uninstall anything.

If you are having problems with configuration your best bet is to reset it, so you force it to reconfigure itself again, you can do this by pressing ctrl-R while AT is on focus.

If you don't want to use AT anymore you can remove AT dir so you can get some free space in your hard disk.

If you have been using AT for a while, I would back-up my data as explained in the previous FAQ question.

I don't want Arena Tracker dir messing around in my HOME dir!

  • If you don't want Arena Tracker dir in your HOME dir, you can place it wherever you want and move Arena Tracker binary to the same place and Arena Tracker dir won't be created in your HOME anymore.

Sometimes Arena Tracker doesn't stay on top of Hearthstone

  • I have seen this behaviour in windows. It seems to be related to a QT/Windows bug. Try to restart Arena Tracker.

I can't browse hidden .dirs when looking for log.config/output_log.txt in the file browser

  • The file browser shown is OS dependent. In Linux Mint for instance you can use ctrl-h to show hidden dirs/files.

After play arena the buttons at the bottom of the Player Deck Window disappear

  • This is because you closed Hearthstone inside the arena menu. Next time you open Arena Tracker it thinks you are in arena so it hides the deck control buttons. You just need to start Hearthstone and when it gets to the main menu Arena Tracker will show the deck control buttons.

When I enter arena to play a run from a previous session the deck is missing some duplicates

  • Decks with duplicated cards are completed from a file of your drafted arena you keep in your AT dir. If for any reason you drafted a new deck (in a different server or account) the last drafted arena will change in you AT dir and any previous arena deck you have will not be loaded correctly.

  • You can still complete it manually by simply double clicking the cards to increase its number.

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