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Shows a turn by turn replay of your current/last game.

Most replay tools only show one action at a time which makes it slow to rewatch the whole match. With AT I tried to show in every step everything that happened in that single turn.

Every turn the minions, their attack/health values, and the cards shown in players hands correspond to the state of the game at the START of that turn (with a couple of exceptions).

This is an example of replay tab:

Everything that happen along the turn is shown through:

Glowing cards

Glowing cards represent cards played, discarded or drawn:

  • GREEN: Card played during the turn.

  • RED: Card discarded during the turn.

  • BLUE: Card drawn during the turn. They are one of the exception of elements shown that were not at the start of the turn.


Arrows represent attacks:

  • Red: Attacks from minions.

  • Orange: Attacks from heroes.

  • Green: Minions generated by other minions (or secrets) already on the board, arrows will go from the creator minion to the created minion. Minion stolen are also shown with a green arrow. This generated minions will be shown semi-transparent. They are the other exception of elements shown that were not at the start of the turn.

Addons on minions/heroes

Addons represent changes on a minion or hero.

Red Addons: The target has received a harmful effect, reducing his life, armor or simply removing it from the board.

  • For example casting a fireball is represented with a red addon on its target.

  • Attacks from minions which are not on the board are also represented with a red addon as there is no way to show that attack with a red arrow (the charge minion is not on the board).

Green Addons: The target has received a helpful effect, like healing or gaining armor.

  • For example using earthen farseer over a minion is represented with a green addon on its target (if the target was at max health it's a grey addon instead).

Grey Addons: Any other effect received that doesn't heal, damage, change armor or remove from board.

  • For example using dark iron dwarf over a minion is represented with a grey addon on its target.

  • Equipping a weapon is shown with a grey addon on the hero.

A green glowing hero power

Represent that the hero power has been used during the turn.

A green glowing hero/minion

Represent that hero/minion can attack this turn

Skull symbol

+/- symbols

+/- symbols near attack/health of minions represent that the attack or maximum health has changed during the turn.

The mulligan of both players will be shown as part of turn 1. Every turn, around the hero portrait will be shown the total mana and the total attack of minion+hero.

At the top of the plan tab you will find a resize button that allows you to switch between your normal size and a custom size you can define to watch your replays at ease.

You can go forward and backward in the game using the navigator buttons:

T1, T2..Tx represent the turn you are watching in the replay. If the text is green is your turn and if it's red is the enemy turn. Using the slider you can go faster to a specific turn. The buttons alow you to:

The last turn of the replay is represented with -- and shows the actual board state of the game.

RNG odds

If you are at the last turn of the replay (--), which represents the actual board state of the game, you can hover your mouse over a RNG card and you will see over each minion in the board his probability of dying by playing that card. Same as in the RNG list.

Planning your turn

While you are playing a game you can use Arena Tracker to plan your turn in advance, this way you'll organize your actions better and make sure you don't draw last.

To start planning the turn you have to be in the last turn of the replay, represented with "--". Once you start planning you'll see that the turn tag changes to "++".

You can only start the planning during your own turn. Using any button to navigate the turns will abort the planning and go to the specified turn.

While you play you will see in the replay/plan tab faded out the cards you don't have enough mana to play. This way you can easily see which are your options. During your opponent's turn you can check the cards you will able to play in your next turn. If you have the coin, that extra mana is considered towards the max mana you can spend.

Cards that are answers will have the removal or aoe icon shown in the left side of the card image.

The actions you can make are:

  • Select a card to play with left click.

  • Use your hero power with left click.

  • Target a minion/hero with your last used card/hero power with right click. This will create a grey addon.

  • Damage/Heal a minion/hero with your last used card/hero power using the mouse wheel. This will create a red addon/green addon.

  • Make an attack selecting the attacking minion/hero with left click and the target minion/hero with left click.

While you spend your mana you will see how the cards that you can't play anymore are faded.


Once you finish the planning for your turn you have to manually make every action in Hearthstone. Arena Tracker will not automatically make any move in Hearthstone. Planning was made only as a tool to organize your thoughts.

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