Enemy Hand Tab

Shows information about cards currently held by your opponent and possible secrets currently in play:

  • How many cards enemy keeps from the mulligan (Turn 0).

  • For any enemy's secret played, see the remaining possibilities. The possible secrets in play are automatically updated after you test for a secret.

  • How much buff receive a card by grimmy goons (mechanic added with the expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan).

  • What cards were created by other cards (like spare parts).

First you need to know is that the cards are ordered from top to bottom such as the enemy's hand from left to right.


In this case you can see after the mulligan the enemy has the coin, kept the first two cards and replace the two last, the third T1 is received because is his turn 1.

This case shows cards created by other cards, here we know the card in last position of his hand is the coin received from Tomb Pillager

Here we see how Arena tracker shows the buff received by minions from a grimy goons effect, therefore the cards 1, 3 and 4 are minions with +1/+1.

The next picture shows the case of tracking a known card, this case could be the result of rogue throwing Sap over Frostwolf Grunt, from now Arena Tracker will show you the card insead of a card back. Meanwhile the cards of turns 0, 1 and 2 are unknown

Forged cards kept on enemy hand are tagged too.

Drawn cards

When you draw a new card from your deck (or come to your hand from any way) you will see it at the bottom of the enemy hand tab. In config tab you can configure the time this cards will stay there.


Every time the enemy plays a secret, Arena Tracker will show you in the Enemy Hand Tab a list of all the secret possibilities (this list depends on the secret hero type and sets active in the mode you are playing).

As you perform differing actions, Arena Tracker will remove from the possibilities the cards with the same trigger you tested, this will keep on until only one possibility remains or the secret triggers in game.

When playing constructed the secret posibilities are ordered by rarity (represented in their text color).

When playing arena, the secret posibilities are ordered by the % of decks that have at least one copy (acording to HSReplay.net). Make sure you test for the options starting from the top as they will be more common in the current rotation of arena.

Popular list - Only Patreon

When playing arena a new list of cards will appear at the bottom of the hand tab.

This new list shows the most popular cards that your enemy might play on his next turn, depending on his available mana (considering the coin and his overload mana). For turns 2, 3 and 4; only cards that are considered 2, 3 and 4 drops will be shown.

The percentage of each card means the probability of an arena deck of having at least one copy of that card.

Cards that are answers will have the removal or aoe icon shown below the %.

How does this help you? When you are planning your turn, you should go for a play that adapt the best to the most probable card played by your enemy in his next turn.

You can choose the amount of cards shown in this popular list, or disable it, in the Hand section of the config tab.

RNG List - Only Patreon

When you draw a RNG card, Arena Tracker will show it in Enemy Hand Tab. When you hover the mouse over that card a rectangle that represent the whole board will appear and over each minion his probability of dying by playing that card.

Info::Example of cards that will appear on the RNG list

Total attack

If the option Total attack is enabled, at the bottom of the Enemy Hand Tab will be shown a counter which summarize the attack of minions and hero. The green one is your total attack and the red one is the enemy's total attack.

If some of your minions or your hero is exausted you will see two different attacks separated by a "/":

  • The number at the left of "/" is the total attack you have available this turn.

  • The number at the right of "/" is the total attack you will have next turn when everything is ready to attack again.

In this example your enemy has 3 total attack this turn and will have 4 the next one.

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